(non)Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are never a node I want to hide. I’m wide out in the open with my pleasures. In no particular order:

1. Sundays spent in bed with movies and ice cream

2. Watching cult classics a billion times over (like Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, and so many more)

3. Soaking in the rays on a lovely beach, ipod and book in tow.

4. Sinking into good conversations with someone that gets it.

5. Drinking a nice red wine while writing in some median

6. Massaging lotion all over my body after a nice long bath

7. Listening to friends

Please feel free to add to the list of guilty or otherwise pleasures. I’m all ears!

One Response to “(non)Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I’ve never tried writing in a median with red. But I have written in the middle of the street sitting down indian style many times. very liberating. it’s not for the rush, it’s just because I can. you know? 😀

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