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Maybe, that’s it?

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Christmas Stories…

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Perhaps Christmas is really about the star that lit their way in the darkness…kind of like how Leanord Cohen sings how the light gets in.


Perhaps the translations were lost in the translations….and, maybe it’s all of us finding the light (which is us) in the dark matter we call Earth.

Dear Brother…..

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Overthinking is an epidemic. Overthinking is a disease. Overthinking is not truth. Overthinking creates chaos. Overthinking is a word of thought – in which your mind creates to believe is alive. Though isn’t overthinking just a response in …your thoughts are not reality (or are they?). The stories we perceive in our mind are only ours from one lens. The only difference between illusion and delusion is with delusion you are the only one experiencing that vision. So, are we all living in illusion or delusion? Your mind – the greatest lie – or the greatest ally – You decide. The only truth – the only remedy is in presence. [the etymology of healing]


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…Are difficult to face, but that’s where freedom is found.

In lieu of sacrificing the soul…..

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I think about Dad and how I got martyrdom in the DNA

My Mon… a sociopath.

My Dad.. a martyr.

But don’t they feed each other?

I guess without feeding it …it starves to death and we define.. 

Our new way…in lieu of flowers,

Kindly fuck off I say…(to the programming of centuries).

To be the rock/evolvement of the lineages is the highest form of love. ️

Trust that. 

I say.


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The problem with fire is when feeling burn is the only feeling you feel is real.

A child (in the) hood….

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I’ve become a foster hoodrat who  has the  unexplained capacity for nuisance that almost destroyed her.

Blurry Prints….

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Nothing they ever did ever mattered, but it did cuz it’s the mirror – the coke lines snorted from the blurry thumb prints ravished on the doorknob tho – not much to look at when we were kids.

Claw-Foot Tub Memoirs.

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I spent hours in the antique claw-foot tub with a glass of cheap Merlot and Billy Holiday – that was me at 22. Gloriously depressed and enjoying the evidence of where I was. Somehow I felt to do it. To be celibate – would I be a monk or where would I be? I felt it. The spirit. The calling. The something. I could never quite put my finger on or even quantify it. It just is. 


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The biggest trap.