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War in my eyes….

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I can’t hide that.

Masochistic behavior(s).

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The truth of my own self-destruction was to understand the mapping of the predator.

bATEd breath(s).

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There are many moments when it feels like I’m in a maze of Malkoviches only to be the last part of my genome I can’t really define that or this…just a thought, Nothing more, but a or a thousand fucking thoughts…and, the only one I need to hear is simply…revealing herself.

The feeble and the gap.

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translucent in a sea of nonsense.

I tend to live in these realms mostly.

Why the fuck we are so trained to give our attention to such feeble things, and for why? The esthetics that someone would give 2 shits. I don’t even remember most of my life. Now ask me, ask me – where am I? Cuz at the state of who we are and who we think ourselves to be tends to be an enormous gap.

I don’t half-ass life….

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Choosing choice(s).

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For everything you want, you must be willing to give up.


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All paths lead to energy….

Sin, the derelict.

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Sin or syn is essentially broken down from Greek to, “miss the mark”.

Who decides the placement of said mark? It’s an unattainable point line and speaking of the contrary in which words play…is in fact, who decides what each word means?

sin jpg.jpg

My belief is not based on a transference of thought to another mind.

Flow State of Intention…

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Do you ask yourself 20 years into liking anything why do you still enjoy it and what is the purpose? I’ve been in flow since I can it’s not been an easy path to be in flow.. in this me – the only way. While they say we all need to live in flow..most will resist said flow. I’ve been called weird, crazy, wtf, that girl, smart, pretty, whathaveyou in some repository to give me an identity, but no one gives me an identity. I am the only me. It’s the state I reside – The Flow State of Intention. If you ain’t been called weird or crazy for your authenticity – work harder.

Dark Matter and Mind-filled Meanderings….

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The galaxy is mostly dark matter – mind-filled darkness. The beauty of the space in-between and out of bounds is the ambiance of the quotient of life matter(s).

As is a viable source to get to know….I’ve found if I found any lesson with working in a funeral home my high school years – the number of deaths I’ve seen…I can report back to you that energy does not die, so what are so many humans afraid of – is the question.dark matter