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sadness provokes the senses – tainting

mutilated…in house…sacked in.

haven’t thought it…pounced..lucked

sea of woven patriots…inconclusive.

Gimmicks are the poor man’s driveway….

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Retrospect of a gallon of pacifiers

meant for reduction

and a matter of fact(ors)

the low bile cakes of the fruit

of another dollar is the


for the literacy and why

gimmicks are the poor man’s driveway….

A recession of embracement…

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Running from your lesson
Sheltering your recession
To the shared moments
And your embracement
I shared too much with how
I’m suppose to feel
And you have my number
and the glass plated deal-
When I get too clean with results
And the bottom always falls out
When the unspokeness filters through
The one by ones
and the little caresses
of the anarchy of words
and my lack of embraces
sees my one tune and my
one silky laced reaction
the word that mirrors my aloneness
and the weekend bliss
of alteredness and the
letters I never even meant to send (or see)….

Obliterated Interest…

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If I had a space in time for the way
The thinkers and rhyme
To obliterate the moments
I can’t tolerate the every single
Dotted line And my memories challenge
The way I see and how I don’t
And the ways I have to tolerate
Even though I haven’t
A single-celled interest In it all…


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Whispering through the cracks in the faces
Of a dream – it seems
The lollipop drips on the motives
That slide down my leg
When I daydream
Through a whisper of stars
Circling as I sweet talk
A masterminded(ful ) thought
Into the stage and the regards
Of his name
And mine – only retire
When the bottom drops out…
Or when the band stops singing
To determine the ways how to and not to be
And sometimes it’s not just you and not them
It just is
Is – to be
And you – to see
Is you and always will be
And I am and the will be
Cause’ you know
You always got me…

Symbiotic Truth…

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In the midst of the midnight flights
The radio seems so lost
In words that I can’t speak

when I do nothing –
The moment reaches

Its feet

And me – the moment

with you – the radio

Closed toe movements and a record
With a dial tone and a fit-to-be-tied booth

Not real sure where the moment is taking us
But, isn’t that the beauty

Of the symbiotic truth…

White nothingness…

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Beginning to counter-culture the white walls

That only find me when I’m not looking

Oh, how I miss….

The ground –

When did it all seem to find me

Amazing graces

All the way to the spit that trickles

Down my leg

When I forget to swallow

And the fangs

Seen only when I look at the others

But why do I want to cuz

There is no miss and how I can’t figure

Out this fire door that I’m jumping through…