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Remember To Breathe…

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Strong – Withheld.

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kissing me for the levels and the denials – solid
featuring the distinguished metaphysical boring – solid
left withholding and before and afters – left
to the right of the second doorway featuring my new arm – right(s)

The Jen behind It.

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The moonlight penetrates my bosom from the high light of the window
Narrowed and convincing the mortality rates rise
Shadowing existence like a dollar bill slipping out of my bra strap
Judgment cradles my lap as the dollar falls – I grasp
Dissipating and flagging my thoughts as though I lived a life of sobriety and existence
It escapes me to a never-ending reality
Corpses amuse me like the foundations and the sincerities
Molding the collapse swimming through my eyes
Befuddled grudges and baffled dues
Put your coin in my hand and walk away slowly
Don’t look back and sink woe-lee
Society of narcissist in your bag of tricks
Looking up at me embrace the heretic
Breaking down the laminate of pervasiveness
The underlying materialism
Concepts and embezzlements

If you catch me late in the hours you can catch the true Jen
Un-friended and material-less and impended

Jen-nor-I-eties…specializing between beauty and the real rise
Of the doctorate of existence
You, me and the money it doesn’t buy behind it.

See forward……

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Fighting to stay above water, above ground – craters
Wherever I look there are so many hardships and danger
Trying to mend the ripeness of this time
So dark and no endurance more than the one I am.
I can’t hold on to any more pain coming down hard
Everywhere I look life dissipates and hardens
What we have is each other
Don’t give up…Don’t give up
One foot in front of the other…..

You can’t fix….Stoopid.

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You can’t fix stoopid…My anti-autobiography related
To the non-relation to the family
And where did I come from? Cuz, the last time
I saw the torrid affair between the monitor
And the past I’ve been resurrected from…
Shown nothing like the doll complacent
Like I show….except, only if I really really like you.-
Then there is the abrasive abandonment of characteristics
and a pretty smile to jack up the disinterment of the lollipop
in my mouth..that somehow turns them on like you wouldn’t believe..
and I don’t..believe.
in much..just the way of the road I see..and don’t.
Cuz mothers and fathers don’t really hail an existence of hope
– just a feux dial and a mocked adventure
When I crouch down and hold the phone
I lock up around my neck and choke…
And deep breath for the miles and miles
Of heretics…that soak
The moments and the non-logic and the sacred senses
And somehow, I always find a way out….

History Less(uns)….

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Hell-i(uns)History Less(uns)
Us to a systematic demeanor
Of (un)usual suspects
With the castes of
Motion surrendered of some
Mother fucker’s might
What have you got when you got nothin’
But your ass to hold up tight

A string quartet
Of heartache and pain
Swarming beliefs and
Mirrored blame
Take the tune out of the bucket
Of rain
Rendered demise and
A series of who you thought
You were in the time you
Stood in the doctorate
Of your simple name

Most mementos touch
Me like the way the knife
Grazes my neck
And I guess…it’s the
Way things go
With me as the heretic
Just hearing that yonder
Of guttural laughter
Not much like a scream
And my ferris wheel
Of thought and….

Lost in a book of memories
With each page I turn
Resembles a bit like
The way I am and your watch….

Buckled up and ready for the
Minute by moment play
I juggle watching
the comments on my back
porch of fear – I lay.
Take another sip
Of this day…. Through synchronized warranties, heartaches
And melodies….
I steer….
Made easy and lovely by the sweet child embrace of the
embassy bought by the U.S. of A and China (dolls).

40(ish) days and One thousand Forty-Nine sweaty nights……

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40 days and one thousand forty-nine sweaty nights
locked in the gravity
running through the simple insanity
the masquerade
of the numbers finding the pretty book of
implosive thunder and lightning
looking up to the girls that have nothing going on below the hips
and sucking it all up
and spitting out the relatives
nonsense comes in backward forms –
of shallow existences and
smoke and mirrors
swimming in a forum of
truth and relativity
mixed with showing pervasive shared identities –
when sometimes you just need to know
where the illusions are
and disillusionments cease to begin…

Trail of tears….

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To stay or rise or fall and face the fall
Faded energy
Along the trail
In the moment it has to be
All the way in the carnival
Of symbolizing bewilderment
And festive movements
In the trace of a thought
And you as my rock
Each and every rock that
I hold to when I walk
The love
the moment –
The place I stay.
The place I go.
The place I walk.

Fashion(ed) flaw….

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The smell of the piss saturates
the inner voice I hear
when I sound out like the thought
of those anti-his-ta-means.
In an old-fashioned lullaby
Of his dirty thoughts
And selfish needs
Who knows – maybe
That one day may own
Him like the day he spit
In my proverbial face…
And that’s what I call….

Whispering through….it all.

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Whispering in deaf’s ear
Knocking down the belligerent barriers and the
past-driven(ed) walls
My ideals and fantasies bargaining culture
Covert(ed) to the Pervert(ed)
Shadowing and senseless
My touch reaps motion(less)