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…Are difficult to face, but that’s where freedom is found.

In lieu of sacrificing the soul…..

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I think about Dad and how I got martyrdom in the DNA

My Mon… a sociopath.

My Dad.. a martyr.

But don’t they feed each other?

I guess without feeding it …it starves to death and we define.. 

Our new way…in lieu of flowers,

Kindly fuck off I say…(to the programming of centuries).

To be the rock/evolvement of the lineages is the highest form of love. ️

Trust that. 

I say.


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In a segregated moment of where I am and where I want to be…I find floating movements.
Reveal the floetry of where we be…it is and it’s not me..but it is..only me.
In the mind’s eye of how I see.
Dream foundations and lost time found somewhere between you and me.

Come here…..

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The mirror of a flail.
I feel my nipples ripple
Through my blouse
And wishing your hands
Were in place of the whistle
From the ceiling fan
sword girlGrazing the baby kisses on my
The beauty next to nothing
An auto-biography under her
Something that
What the fuck does she do with this?

Stand still – be there when I look
At you…sweat
Suckle like a baby needing
A piece of the pie
Needles lost in a stack
And…I ain’t going back.