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I just want to…..Surrender… you.

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The thundering thoughts of you franchise me like the wall
I spray-painted my digits on – when you weren’t looking, of course.
The covert her-ness. Never close enough and always craving more –
of you. This may be the hardest rendition of a teaching I’ve reached.
This point.
The undertones of speech yet…the wetness of
the energy is so fucking deep – we can’t even speak.
What words are there to be said – when we speak our own language
on a frequency we both understand? So, why is this one of such an insatiable deliverance?
When all I want to do is surrender….I can’t.

What’s it Like… Die.

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animeSo, what is grief like? What is that profound state of not understanding..
What’s it like to be fully aware and fully present in love with the one soulmate that
Took my breath and breathed it back into me…
And what is it like when he walks in front of a car that hits and murders him
And leaves him solemnly alone on the side of the road to die….what’s it like
You ask.
What’s it like to find life again after finding the truest form of love….die.
What’s it like to watch all your other friends and life move on…they go on having babies, getting married, being happy and having the run of the mill..this is what it’s supposed to be like life.
What’s it like to be not in this much profound pain.
What’s it like to feel again?
What’s it like to love again?
What’s it like to love and die at the same time.
What’s that like. Tell me.

Come here…..

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The mirror of a flail.
I feel my nipples ripple
Through my blouse
And wishing your hands
Were in place of the whistle
From the ceiling fan
sword girlGrazing the baby kisses on my
The beauty next to nothing
An auto-biography under her
Something that
What the fuck does she do with this?

Stand still – be there when I look
At you…sweat
Suckle like a baby needing
A piece of the pie
Needles lost in a stack
And…I ain’t going back.

Seeing you…

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You came to me like the night
Reflects you – your eyes
Like lullabies that sing
The way

I see you
The inside blowing through

Me like

You do

Moving like

Honey on my

you shower sweet
songs to me

Sweetened my caress to your


near me

Silhouettes of your breath


To the


In me
as you come through
Your beauty

moves me

Like the way