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I just want to…..Surrender… you.

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The thundering thoughts of you franchise me like the wall
I spray-painted my digits on – when you weren’t looking, of course.
The covert her-ness. Never close enough and always craving more –
of you. This may be the hardest rendition of a teaching I’ve reached.
This point.
The undertones of speech yet…the wetness of
the energy is so fucking deep – we can’t even speak.
What words are there to be said – when we speak our own language
on a frequency we both understand? So, why is this one of such an insatiable deliverance?
When all I want to do is surrender….I can’t.

If I come…here.

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Trembling the inherent negotiation whispering the few
Words that center your silhouette
Crumbling from a dial tone that no longer exist
To define the equanimity of the balance.
Which is to what is.
If I come here..will you find the way?
It’s as if you are just the perception of
My mind’s eye
…but then again, I woke up.

Life as a Suitcase.

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Rendering phone calls of
The only said difference
Between the bed sheets
And my new found(ed) existence
Of how the suitcase
Lives with a marker and me in it

Saw between the both
And far and the few between – me
And the you I can’t seem
To get in and through to

Like the imperfect little
Glass vase I use
As my front door
The sot and
The best reasons why
I can’t do this any more

Life as a Suitcase of emotion
And you as my front door….