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War in my eyes….

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I can’t hide that.

It’s True tho…

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I don’t half-ass life….

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Fluid Alchemist.

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How reel is real?

Truth Uncovered

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There was a lot of time I spent numbing out until I saw a target in which I could focus on which would disgust me to the point of recalibration so I dove in – it was the only way I saw a way to save myself. 

Externalizing years of what I’ve been internalizing.

Gushing waves…. 

After the thrash of the profundity of life..death and the in-betweens I saw many relationships as benign endeavors like a splinter that needed to be removed. 

Whatever you give birth to – there must be an intention – it’s either conscious or not. You choose.

Live and Die in LA…

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My experience with LA was much a unified condemnation – everyone seemed like they were more important than the rest…It’s so an ‘I know more than you’…’I have more than you’ don’t matter culture… It has to be one of the loneliest places I’ve been…Even (and, quite often) in groups – a sea of lonely and fearful human beings. I don’t see a ton of purity that derives from LA – but, I it is there. I always say if you can live in Los Angeles for years and remain true to your authenticity – you are a powerful being. We need more of you.


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All paths lead to energy….

Recall, she said…

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they use a lot more words now it least more cognizant…like the word, narrative. (in flavored teas)

I don’t recall using narrative in the 90s…nor from others…the words are words..and…you, see…

..must we want to expect from a dim light of reference? The light is the only way to walk, and not…last.
she said, it’s right.
and, I believe go forward.
In the everlance.
she brings birth
to the biggest life…and
legs..they move toward the gathering of the all
she had of me.
The belief is always upward and onward…and if you stay in the same place…I gotta leave you…but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you(s).
Much love,
All of me.

Frequency level…

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I speak to the subconscious.21728357_10211285407265845_3806728693056502364_n


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Energy looks for itself for resolution.
Note: the energy is not equal to acceptance.
Being aware of the energy and what its there to show you is the question served
Best warm.Brain