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Doing….what I am.

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , on October 6, 2011 by JenJuice

You had time to moment each and every rhyme
dauntless courage and infinite desperate thoughts
you had…flourished into nothingness
like the moment I had nothing to say
but how I haven’t a clue
but I only do what I do
while I’m here….
living this life….

You’re the big winner….contest(ed)

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , , on May 16, 2011 by JenJuice

Losing the thought among the lost and wretched…the masses
Sipping the spit off the rims dripping from the institutions of “you’re the big winner!”
Competition of the mystery rivals
Sensations with the misery of compliances
I only talk if I have something to say…
Not so much of a covert(ed) mistress of your life
“There she goes again”..they say.
Walking all over the faces of immortal treasury
And the fucked and saluted ignorant of the nation that preys…
Off the resistance of how much I care is how much I feel
Not holding onto it..kinda like the way…I let go of every little
Thing in my life…
Even you….lost interest in your weaknesses
Just like the infomercials rising a speak from
My alter-dreamer last night around 8:03pm (censored).


Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on April 4, 2011 by JenJuice

The undisputed claim
Pole dancing and the last
Thing when I say my name
Founded in a life line
Of crochet(ed)
And nickel(ed) dimes
All the same
Fuck this time
And my mind
All the time(s)
Run together
Like you and I
Bottomed out
And worn the fuck…..

Beautiful boy….

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on August 13, 2010 by JenJuice

Sometimes I write with my right hand
And other times not
Like when I see you hit
The ground nine times running
Pounding with all you got –
You against the world
Cradle the victim sword and ridicule
Rocking back and forth
Please don’t go there no more
Cause you make every situation
An excuse to grope the bottle
Of intention
And the whiskey calls
Like the little boy that you are
In the middle of the broken rubble
When life swells the center
And you fall so deep under
That not even you surrender
can’t climb
The way out this time
I duck when you throw your woes
Buried in my rhymes
Calming my senses and
Running away from your ploy
Hit the bottle one more time
And don’t fall down the stairs
When you wind up so down
And buried in self hate and worry
You –
The tragedy of this beautiful boy…


Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on April 26, 2010 by JenJuice

Never felt that such things would make me

Question my worth

In the paramount lectures

Of thought

Comes to fruition that

Only light feels the way I hear

And I want to reach out, but I find

Once’s only me

And the strength within

It is such the reality of the lesser thans

That get and hold me hard

I can’t sleep

I can’t eat

And I am remembering

All the lack I can’t begin to be

Not now

Not ever

Just holding on to the

Extremes that life takes us

Even if it means

Remembering who we are

And where we are at…

Bluesy days…

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on December 11, 2009 by JenJuice

The blues inflects
Every little step that
Holds me like the break in between
My breasts
And it shouts..”don’t you see!?!”
Like a mangled oblivion
In a room full
Of triangled mazes
There I am..standing
Lost in the moment
To the next
And next –
And not a moment to spare
When we meet again
And it just is…
This way.


Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on October 21, 2009 by JenJuice

I have a mile of fear that isn’t coercive
To anything but moving forward
And ideologies less adorned

And I find myself at a stopping point

Of what I should expect

And what I should just be OK with

And never does the truth filter down my leg

Like a dirty little thought that comes

From deep rooted side-notes

And not sure where I go from here
Not sure if I ask

Or just do

Or just lie down and say –

I’m through…

White nothingness…

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , , on October 12, 2009 by JenJuice

Beginning to counter-culture the white walls

That only find me when I’m not looking

Oh, how I miss….

The ground –

When did it all seem to find me

Amazing graces

All the way to the spit that trickles

Down my leg

When I forget to swallow

And the fangs

Seen only when I look at the others

But why do I want to cuz

There is no miss and how I can’t figure

Out this fire door that I’m jumping through…


Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on October 12, 2009 by JenJuice

When the trouble comes down

It’s the bottom, me and my whiskey can

I can’t seem to abbreviate my emotions

This early on a Monday

Only one thing can condone such mind clutter

And the overcompensation for approvals

Unwarranted and unneeded –  but me, my bottom

And the unnecessary …


Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on August 16, 2009 by JenJuice


how many times can one be so cradled

by the luggage of your mind

in a world of victims and green lit sunsets –

that all have a past and something  used

to fault our own securities

but I’m not the angry girl

that can cradle her life away

in a world that defines living by a prison of  the minds.

I’m just not going to attach to that bandwagon

of penises and useless agendas

and the heart-shattered manholes that somehow

I’ve climbed out of

and watch through the awakening of my eye

and wonder where do I go from here…