You’re the big winner….contest(ed)

Losing the thought among the lost and wretched…the masses
Sipping the spit off the rims dripping from the institutions of “you’re the big winner!”
Competition of the mystery rivals
Sensations with the misery of compliances
I only talk if I have something to say…
Not so much of a covert(ed) mistress of your life
“There she goes again”..they say.
Walking all over the faces of immortal treasury
And the fucked and saluted ignorant of the nation that preys…
Off the resistance of how much I care is how much I feel
Not holding onto it..kinda like the way…I let go of every little
Thing in my life…
Even you….lost interest in your weaknesses
Just like the infomercials rising a speak from
My alter-dreamer last night around 8:03pm (censored).

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