What’s it Like…..to Die.

animeSo, what is grief like? What is that profound state of not understanding..
What’s it like to be fully aware and fully present in love with the one soulmate that
Took my breath and breathed it back into me…
And what is it like when he walks in front of a car that hits and murders him
And leaves him solemnly alone on the side of the road to die….what’s it like
You ask.
What’s it like to find life again after finding the truest form of love….die.
What’s it like to watch all your other friends and life move on…they go on having babies, getting married, being happy and having the run of the mill..this is what it’s supposed to be like life.
What’s it like to be not in this much profound pain.
What’s it like to feel again?
What’s it like to love again?
What’s it like to love and die at the same time.
What’s that like. Tell me.

5 Responses to “What’s it Like…..to Die.”

  1. The swirl of emotions is profound!

  2. You and him. Him and you. Always one….he lives in you…through you….Look at the Sunshine….He’s shining down on you. I have no answers to your Amazing, Soul shaking words….But as you continue to live and you do the walk, one day you wake up smiling….and it’s a tad less hard. I LOVE YOU, YOU TALENTED MISS JEN JUICE ❤

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