Dinner with friends (or parents)..tell me again?

Sitting trying to act engaged and as if I’m listening. The buzz from the beer and the spinach and mushroom quesadilla is fading. All I can hear is a muffled sound that resembles my parents rehearsing adulthood by speaking in an overtone of “adult” speak.  I thought by having dinner and drinks with my colleagues would mean that instead of feeling like the kid at the kid’s table I would be involved in more peer sited topics, but not the case. I high-five the eight year old at the opposite side of the table as if the only connect is her. In-laws, children that speak a second language, and husbands that annoy are all brand topics at this four top table. I feel like if I don’t nod and smile appropriately I may give away the nail on the chalkboard boredom that has overcome my body. Officially, I have lost the feeling in my face and now cybering my way to bed. Another beautiful dinner with peers of no harm but seemingly not the shoes I want to inhabit.

3 Responses to “Dinner with friends (or parents)..tell me again?”

  1. Those are the times when I like to give my friends outrageous advice on how to raise their children. They really appreciate this advice coming from one void of child. After almost getting into fisticuffs over discussions, I am left with the sweet peace of knowing I won’t be invited to these gatherings again

  2. We should have dinner with said married friends soon..we’d come up with some hum-dingers. 🙂

  3. Heh… you said hum-dingers

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