Naked mind…

seductive-shadowto rid the hide of the shallow-ville pride

cradling the breath that I see

only one foundation

squirting thoughts all over your luscious smile

to shout the rest of how I can’t imagine

the secrets that don’t go further

than my allusive door

loosening my bra

to undo the music

that I soak in

on your cushioned floor

at night when it’s just me

and the sound of  my

naked mind…

4 Responses to “Naked mind…”

  1. After a full day of branding cattle the two cowboys sit down at their campfire to drink their well deserved beer.

    After a six pack, the cowboy’s topic turned to sex.

    Mac says, “What’s your favorite sexual position?”

    Joe says, “That’s a easy one. It’s the rodeo position.”

    Mac, “Uh? How you do that one?”

    Joe replies, ” Well, you get her on her hands and knees. Then you stick it in and grab her boobs. Then lean forward and whisper in her ear, gosh you feel just like your sister. Then you see if you can hang on for a 10 count!”

  2. You’re awesome Jen. Love the naked thoughts!

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