Sometimes people equate sex with that connection when they don’t connect at all
Just a lack of a lullaby that I can’t forget
won’t let it –
Some thrive on the mind and soul that is sound asleep
No notoriety – no outlet.

Don’t you all know that everything is temporary…
even that little moment we strive to fill the moments
That, if lucky, we find someone to complete that moment rather than fill.
I want to feel that moment
The interlude to a song that I write with the dance we silhouette through the moonlight
Stakes high at range..and yet,
Love that no one can abide or escape –
like a stranger in the night
It takes flight
It gives heat….

As the fallacy of permanence is resurrected
With the media
And the fearful that can’t face their right
To be wondrous
And see
Set free
So true – the moment
Is here
To be
with you…..

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