Un-Meaningful Curtain Drops…..

Morning contents the way I’ve lost all feeling for you….
I won’t know yesterday from my wrongs
intervals of heritage and symbolic gestures
sentiments much less than the way I wore it yesterday – with you
lost in the mind of the way things were when I was there…
not there any more
in my yesterdays…
I don’t even act like I hear…you.
any more
looking into this drought of emotion
wondering where my thirst for fingers
like the wretched and the twisted
mourning scarred me like the way I lost
me when I saw you…manifest that way
of un-meaningful curtain drops
and last calls
we missed it…and I found me in the moment swearing
to the sky – full of know how and imagine-less –
fretting from the you that makes me cringe
but….don’t worry….baby.
.it’s not you…it’s me.

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