escalating bounds

bondage-b2writing the optimistic primal graffitti subject to change with the wind
no where is used to finding the no in the most obscene since of the lake
chills that move up my body when you blow
me like a doll chattering
with a mouth full of cotton
and a hand full of spit
hands down – feet up
and there is a no
in every since of the plagiaristic formality
daunting my cordial side to only say that
I only fall when I choose
and the falling comes when there
is no where else to go

One Response to “escalating bounds”

  1. I want to lead my own responses. I cant aim to follow the falling cherry, but it seems impersonable to do it in on my own merits. I so definately take everythng the way I mean it., bit it scares off the wannades. baby, tell me what you’re at and I’ll tell you what i have.

    AND TONIGHT I GOT A LOT. VRROOMMM , VRROOMMMM. I only wish you were here to see the spread.

    I’m despearately trying to find lingerie that doesn’t fit [my size could be 36 / 38 with an F cup or G cup. this little hick town can’t handle it.

    i want out of my bra, i want out of my panties, i want out of my skin.
    can you help? i JUST WANT TO BE FREE

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