Once in a while

societal riches saturated in the minds of the young beginners
once in a while
they seep into a distinct brief cul de sac that is less amusing
once in a while
children and filters blow up the back doors of their minds
once in a while
that sustain some integrity even during lightning storms
once in a while
but a las’ we find a little old woman that isn’t bitter
once in a while
as the trenches open and the wounded heal and life remarks
once in a while (rinse and repeat)

6 Responses to “Once in a while”

  1. sinning and redemption, until nirvana…cool. šŸ™‚

  2. Hey Jen =] @18percentgrey here. That resonated. Going to read more of your blog now. =]

    Have you seen mine by any chance? I write poetry as well, and have a backlog of ‘writers stuff’ that’s just not come out recently, however the moleskine’s getting a hole burnt in it by the political stuff I’ve been writing in there. *chortle* I suppose now is the time to start transcribing that. Feel compelled.

  3. — Hi J–

    this poem is terrific

    i love how when i read it my eyes flow
    to the rhythm of its design
    like waves and current

    We had fun over the weekend -w/ your peeps

    I never would have guessed I find a poem
    like this by using twitter.

    your poem feels like brainwashing en masse.

    Hmm.. could go on forever about poetry.
    You get my vote this. This I should put as my blog-find Pick of the weekend

    Would you go to Grad School – MFA Poetry?

    I hope so:’ Keep me in the knows.

    Sonja šŸ™‚
    ps- wordie.com or .org – is like flickr for words I put strange poems into that – really slows down mind when you can press enter to structure your phrasing… also fun to do when incredibly tired before bed — or before you nod off. I’ll send you a link. it’s werd.

    Ciao Guapa!

    • Sonia, you are so gracious and I am so grateful for your wonderfully descriptive words. I thank you so much.

      Thanks for the link, as well.

      Look forward to your taste in writing.


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