And so we begin….

the way it enchants me, like a button I hold near
to the sobriety of the the walls that turned a blistery shade of honesty
through the placement of the inconceivable way it all seems to begin (and end)
and the reality of how the proclamations dancing so gorgeously
on my tongue – when I speak..

The margins sustaining space next to my fortunes that I found some time to disclose
the way I feel
towards life and the thoughts shuddering at a moment that
takes a hold of time and crawls to a smile
and knowing that this time
is the only one..

and so it seems, the laughter portability deciphers the channels
I surf through and gaze into an open window
My reflection in the distance
so miraculously flavored
at the dollhouse rendered
full of droplets of sentimental moods

shining next to an ambush of calm
and distractions of focus
believing the sentences that come out
of the fingertips of thought

and so we begin…

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