tattIt’s going to take me time to sit down and admit what I didn’t want
searching the myriads of moments that have created the only one that
is immaculate to the nature of the way
things are and will always be

I don’t want to exist in fear of what is
living in me directing to the only way that can commit me to believing
in something that is

fondling the only thing sensing my tones of thought
caressing my dignity to find
the sought moisture of sentiments
shining in the window
believing is seeing

in me…

7 Responses to “Open…”

  1. Juiced again! Ahhhhhhh

    Now….get yourself a geetar!


  2. I need one, don’t I? πŸ™‚

  3. I like the fondling part…

  4. You always love that part, Far.

  5. I feel sad. I miss you.

    guess its a successful poem, huh!

    April is National Poetry Month.

    I want to publish you!!

  6. Very well written, evokes a mood.

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