How noble….

If I found you and said
The things that allow me to be as I choose
To be and read –
Sinks deep into the fluxes of my eyelashes batting
and the sentiments lacking
To the merriment of my sacred love
For me….for the way
I am and have gone so far
To go back tracking through
The torment that use to sit and stew in –
But not this time and I won’t even cry
I will…
Just smile…
Just smile…
Like I used to
Don’t try to be all touchy feely
With that look on your face
That motions with
the ups and downs
How the bugs splatter on your teeth
When the issues fight out
The immense dissatisfaction
Of the planned noblehood
And the rocking back and forth motions
Secretly whispering your name
In a sly slit down the center
Of my throat
That creases and binds
Me to live the way I want to
Cause’ that’s just me and
No one will ever get
To change that satisfaction and that’s it –
That’s the reason I sit here and
Just be here with me and
My smile…
My smile…

One Response to “How noble….”

  1. ms. weger Says:

    Great image: “How the bugs splatter on your teeth”

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