It is….

Sometimes the lowest form is
Moving away from
What’s so natural to the slight of the wrist
Beginning to feel the curtness that doesn’t
do much more than exist
Like a business call and
A wall splattered
With something gone wrong
Sometimes taking care of
The self means breaking free
From the rest
Even if that means
It hurts…

6 Responses to “It is….”

  1. Taking care of oneself is so very important but not always as we want it to be. Very beautifully written…it hurts sometimes to break free. Happy rally x

  2. Very sweet…thank you!

  3. Breaking away can be a very hard thing to do. Thanks for sharing!

  4. hope that you find time returning favors to poets who were here last week…

    Happy monday!
    your talent is high.

  5. Of course..and thanks so much!

  6. excellent poem…love the language and the twists…

    as always…

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