marble(alities) like the way the ground teaches
me to see that way I can’t really get used to
and then there is that little angelfish
that looks a lot like the way I wanted it to be

from the silhouette of the words I mimic
when no one is looking
I find my way through my crooked smile

it’s a different perspective than I’ve ever known
even when I was thirty-four
situations of the changing
and heart warming illusions
only built into
the only thing
I’ve ever reached for
and seen
to be the truest form
of remembrance –
something like this
and like you and
the little place right in the middle
of your front door – found
it all and more –
even while I was wearing my skin-tight red dress….

2 Responses to “Skin-tight…..”

  1. very nice. love the direction your writing has taken in recent weeks/months. i come by often, and enjoy every sip.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. I appreciate that..and thanks for commenting. It’s always nice to have new directions and muses and people like you. Cheers!

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