Rhetoric sensibilities….

Stopping for a minute to amuse my fetish
Of the bondage of my mind when I look at the paper
With the writing from your mistress and the
Dapper fantasies dripping heartless
Motion sickened by havoc bottling
Up my sensibilities to be in a space
Of party
And just outgrew the boredom
Of the same time same place
Day after day patterns of martyrdom

I keep my hands in your pockets
When I turn my cheek
To tell you how smart I think
Some are to choose prison
Over hurting more people
or themselves more
Than they can bare to reap
open that door
And some just don’t know how to choose
Walking blindly in a cave
Of matters worse than you

And, all I can do is expend
The call of the fire in my eyes
When I saw what I didn’t need
To see at the time
Or maybe it was that
Right moment in that right blind(ed)
That made it all boil down to one
Karmic explosion
In my loving escapades
Centered to treat
The ones of such resistance
And an enclave existence(s)

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