Beautiful (dirty) desires….

We turn such a blind eye when we don’t want to admit the truth in ourself
and me – I’m no different when I have that immaculate face
of woes and how I know..
I’m not a victim of circumstance
I’m just a girl chained to my choices
and..while I believe in do no harm
and just love with all I have
the truth is…
I should’ve mentioned
the note I found
from the other woman
(isn’t me)
on my bedside pillow –
she is married crazed with frivolous actions
maybe the office
knows more than me
and I never had so much to tell
not even in a rhetoric way
of your hell
and how it spells
what I say
and how you melt
inclined to sit you down one day
and look down at the crease in your face
to show you how not savvy
your matron is and you
were never so clever to try to be that big man
cuffed to your choices
living in a closeted space
so hard to understand
denial and belligerence
when we always look for the good in people
for the fear of a reality hidden
and even when you negotiate with chaos
I can’t hear your mention
of any truth,
hurt or disgrace
and the reflection sees
too well
and behind this smile is
that person that always can tell
always welcomes the fires
and how well it turns out
when my action ripples
my strengths with my
beautiful desires….

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