Quasi meaning.

I quite often wonder why people say “I’m sorry.” when someone close to a person passes away. I’ve become more inquisitive of these two words the more death has become a close friend of mine. I’ve pondered why not just say “My apologies” for your condolences. It is just that more visible of the awkwardness this response is.  So, I began to ask people what they are sorry for or why do they say those words aside training. More times than not I would get the tale old answer, “because I was taught…”. So, what happens when you question your canned responses to life…then what?

3 Responses to “Quasi meaning.”

  1. greedyvegan Says:

    I always say either “I’m sorry to hear that” or “my condolences”.
    “my apologies” is synonymous with “i’m sorry”

    I just looked up the definition of “sorry” feeling distress, through sympathy of someones misfortune.

    • but..it’s an interesting response..you know? because it’s not really giving the person mourning presence – it’s taking the sorrow away or at least trying to in words…I feel like it would be more healing to offer space and presence to a person in mourning. Just being in that thick energy with them.

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