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I quite often wonder why people say “I’m sorry.” when someone close to a person passes away. I’ve become more inquisitive of these two words the more death has become a close friend of mine. I’ve pondered why not just say “My apologies” for your condolences. It is just that more visible of the awkwardness this response is.  So, I began to ask people what they are sorry for or why do they say those words aside training. More times than not I would get the tale old answer, “because I was taught…”. So, what happens when you question your canned responses to life…then what?

Openness like….stillness.

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The betterment of the recall…sincerely losing the reflection and honoring
The now.
What is that finds me in the middle of newness and the battle of acceptance
The hardest part is to find out that I really am worthy of love and happiness…

Openness is like the stillness of water…the movement of rock…
The channeling your foreverness in the moment you forgot.

The daringness in letting go is powerful.

Found…without…With(in)…With All.

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A shell found thoughtless
Meaningless battles rendered meaning somehow
Short –comings breathing down the edge of my sanctuary
Maps of doorways burn down the mirror in your throat
Kissing the air
Flowing like the dog barking at the….
Moment of…
Jagged pendants swarm a silhouette daunting spirited-like men
Sorted and found me out –

The clouds paint me like the fly that bounces
Off passing movement and my local bar –
Some days don’t really feel like days at all
A mirrored belief that there was someone there
Instead of me

You see….

Illusions twisted through my diatribe found listless
Like my number –
It takes skill to find another way to say “No,
I’m not interested – find another….”
Because when I look around I see the future
And the so it may
Caught dancing blunders –
Simmering movement
Inside and out
And channeling my day
I found…..
I found without

See me….

Walking into the light basked shiny silver
Of her found listless and why
Her body loved like her eyes saw
and, beauty entrenched the moments
and she cradles the fall
deep founded
meaningful and loving-full
of the woman
With All.