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Overdosed on Life….

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The reason humans do drugs to the point of no return, the highest peak, the stable blue, the red line, the morphine drip that won’t sink the heavy line –
the reason any of us escape our pain with an overdose – is pain, sure, but that specific pain stems from loneliness.

So, what does loneliness mean? It’s OK to be alone. It’s not OK to be lonely. When we think we are separate from one another is the only time we feel lonely and afraid.

Build on that Love, ask yourself, what does Love mean?

No Separating. Love is US. The energy which made us.

Aware foundations…..

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Death is simply forgetting to breathe…….

Found(ed). Restless…ly.

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What is it that you are my mind’s eye presently? What is that water that needs a desert? You, the teacher…tell me what is the question I forgot to rescue?

The wonderment of the widow caresses ever so slightly the demised threat – the culture….

…Of the universe-soul (loneliness)….the embodiment of the empty foolish world….but, truth be told..isn’t language designed to help us understand the code…after all?

Anomaly of the Cliche’….

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Crucifying my time to do what’s right
For what’s real –
The time – It somewhat accuses my variance
And the ability to fight

Flashing my tits as though I have something
To show
Racing in an ambulance of ambiguity
Rushing back and forth
And oh, how it moves so slow
The time –
For the second lifetime of
Geniality genius
Corrupts the motive behind
This venture
As the doctor reached through his words
Saw through the junkyard musician
And blunders
Of the anomaly and the precision

Seeping through the mirror – seeing
Somehow sought owned
And somehow caught undone
Just like the past and the reveal
And the motion(end)
That lies in between – the days and me
And (us)….

Clarity of words and shyness of the truth behind
The all and every cliché’ – breathing
Behind me
Refocusing on the focus swimming through my veins
Like I saw you..reaching in a blank state of wondering
Why I am here and you are there…and you are you.

Sleeping as I wake through this parade of courage –
The grapes bust open in my mouth and drip
As the juice slips down my lips
Like the way he called me the beloved
Anomaly of his day….. reaching for his senses
To say he misses…me and the way….

Enlisted in the future
Reverences of my holy,
my hells and this paranormal of a day.

It Is.

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Be withered be not
Be founded be forgot
Be sounded be without
The ones beneath
The answers may not be so
Easy, but
It is.