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Christmas Stories…

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on December 24, 2020 by JenJuice

Perhaps Christmas is really about the star that lit their way in the darkness…kind of like how Leanord Cohen sings how the light gets in.


Perhaps the translations were lost in the translations….and, maybe it’s all of us finding the light (which is us) in the dark matter we call Earth.


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From what I recall as a child, Christmas was always the strangest day…everyone would put on the fake smiles and shitty sweaters and roll to Grandma’s house where all the adults pretended to like one another with their fake smiles and their uncanny speak of the weather, a Soirée of food, which included pimento and cheese and peas salad, sweet tea and pecan pie and turkey…always the fucking turkey.

Not much has changed…I still see the competitive “portrayed happy 4.5 persons” family in their social media flair-ups.

If they really knew that Christmas is the Birthday of the Sun, not the “son”.

And, now onto the news to tell you how to get rich.