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The Jekyll and the End.

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , on September 16, 2011 by JenJuice

this withering and unjustified scene twilight the night
like the muffins from the Hitchcock film ignites light
in the background of my mind
shadowing a nuisance
of a moment that no one understands but me
between the Jekyll and the Hyde – him
the undertaking to the road to the end.

Wrenching vanity……

Posted in Jencerpts.. with tags , , on September 14, 2011 by JenJuice

reveling in the future
back-dated and herring mucus
penetrates the view of you
when I think – of you
and sink
which, you are…blink by blink
so heart-wrenching to watch someone
die before your eyes;
there is no logic behind
the vanity and the pangs

the views and the lies
when you see the proud
and the oblong of
you and the (un)strong and the eye
withering limb by limb.
you – a so, very sad and dying song….